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You are entitled to a single entry to each competition via Postal Entry.

If you are looking to enter any of our competitions for free we ask that you please send an unenclosed letter via First Class Post including the following information:

  • 1 – The competition you would like to take part in (please include the link url and title)
  • 2 – The Answer to the question that is specific for that particular competion
  • 3 –  Your Full Name
  • 4 – Your Date Of Birth
  • 5 – Your Postal Address
  • 6 – Contact Number
  • 7 – Email Address we can reach you on. 
  • 8 – Your username for your account on the website 

In order to ensure you are entered into the draw you must have the correct answer to the question of the competition. We check our postal box each Monday therefore free entries must be received before the close of the competition.

Failing to meet the above requirements will result in a void entry into the particular competition. 

Send your entries to: Unit 35862, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US


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