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Mini-Giveaway – 25x Tickets For 1 Lucky Winner For The £5000 Cash Draw


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PRIZE – Mini-Giveaway – 25x Tickets For 1 Lucky Winner For The £5000 Cash Draw

We are giving away 25 Tickets For Our Cash Giveaway to ONE lucky Winner!!!

All you must do is enter this amazing odds giveaway and be in for a chance of being one of 5 winners!

How It Works?

1 – Enter The Giveaway As Usual

2 – Tickets Will Be Drawn Once Sold Out

3 – The Winner Will be given 25 tickets each into the £5,000 Giveaway!

Its that simple!

Only 100 Tickets Available At Only £2.99 per ticket offering amazing odds!

Draws Carried out LIVE on Facebook.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Competition Rules
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Each Giveaway is limited to a minimum and maximum amount of entires for any duration taken.

Draws are carried out Live on our Facebook Page, using a Random number generator to ensure there is not cheating.
All ticket numbers are allocated to entries at random at least 5 hours prior to our live draw.

Entering the giveaway or successfully answering the question does not guarantee a prize. In the event that insufficient entries are made, any prize may consist of a cash amount Any queries, don’t hesitate to ask via the contact us page.

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